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Photografic Album

1047 Angelo Casentini
1050 Angelo Casentini
1051 Angelo Casentini
1052 Angelo Casentini
1053 Angelo Casentini
1054 Angelo Casentini
1055 Angelo Casentini
1056 Angelo Casentini
1057 Angelo Casentini
1058 Angelo Casentini
1059 Angelo Casentini
1060 Angelo Casentini
1061 Angelo Casentini
1062 Oskar Giovagnetti
1063 Angelo Casentini
1064 Angelo Casentini
1066 Angelo Casentini
1067 Antonio Carpenetti
1068 Antonio Carpenetti
1069 Antonio Carpenetti
1070 Angelo Casentini
1071 Angelo Casentini
1072 Angelo Casentini
1073 Angelo Casentini
1074 Angelo Casentini
1075 Angelo Casentini
1076 Angelo Casentini
1077 Antonio Carpenetti
1078 Antonio Carpenetti
1079 Antonio Carpenetti
1080 Antonio Carpenetti
1081 Angelo Casentini
1084 Antonio Carpenetti
1085 Angelo Casentini
1086 Angelo Casentini
1087 Angelo Casentini
1089 Antonio Carpenetti
1090 Antonio Carpenetti
1091 Antonio Carpenetti
1092 Antonio Carpenetti
1093 Antonio Carpenetti
1094 Antonio Carpenetti
1095 Antonio Carpenetti
1096 Antonio Carpenetti
1097 Antonio Carpenetti
1098 Antonio Carpenetti
1099 Antonio Carpenetti
1100 Antonio Carpenetti
1101 Antonio Carpenetti
1102 Angelo Casentini
1104 Angelo Casentini
1105 Angelo Casentini
1106 Angelo Casentini
1107 Antonio Carpenetti
1109 Antonio Carpenetti
1110 Antonio Carpenetti
1111 Antonio Carpenetti
1112 Antonio Carpenetti
1113 Antonio Carpenetti
1115 Antonio Carpenetti
1116 Antonio Carpenetti
1117 Antonio Carpenetti
1119 Antonio Carpenetti
36 Waiting for the night Rigging tents in the Barberino del Mugello airfield (Florence, Italy) june,3,1998 a n
37 Pilatus Alps mountains around Cumiana (Turin, Italy) from a Pilatus after a parachutists jump. Canon eos 1000. Photo by Andrea Suriani Andrea Suriani
38 I-FFSV Cessna 172 at sunset on the Gualdo Tadino airfield , july 1998 Pilot and photografer: Riccardo De Nardis Riccardo De Nardis
40 Zenair Zenair CH 701 in the sky of Pesaro (Marche, Italy) Roberto Budassi - 1998 Roberto Budassi
41 In the space Luigi Curtis with his single seat Sirocco flew too much hight John Glenn - 1998 Luigi Curtis
42 Roman sky Antonello Carrino in the sky of Mazzano romano - Rome, 1997. Photo by Annibale Piccardi Annibale Piccardi
43 Turning Lorenzo Allisio, some year ago, over the Montegrappa Meeting Lorenzo Allisio
44 Wow… Vasco Rui Carvalho, - The big moment, flying back to earth Portugal 1998 Vasco Rui Carvalho
45 Mustang ulm Some year ago, at the Montegrappa Meeting Photo by Lorenzo Allisio Lorenzo Allisio
46 Rising Fog Flavio Giacosa - Tanaro river valley, Piemont - Jan. 1999 Nikon Coolpix 900 Flavio Giacosa
47 Sliding landing Daniele Zaffarone and Luigi Mancino Grumento airfield, Potenza - Tecnam P 92 1998 Luigi Mancino
48 Monviso top Monviso, Gianni Piva with Air Creation Sx 16, jan. 1999 - flying above Mt. Monviso top (mt 3841) Piemont, Italy Canon EOS 650 1998 Gianni Piva
49 Fog Fog, Sky above Anagni (Frosinone), pilot Davide Splendore, photographer Edoardo Maltempi jan. 1999 - KONIKA mod. MINI-Q Edoardo Maltempi
50 Jurassic ulm Jurassic ulm, the Robertson B1RD, better known with his nickname "the witch" Photo by Pier Marcucci Pier Marcucci
51 The Tucano's soul The "Tucanos" soul, A strange mix of sun, shadow and ice for this odd effect at Galliano del Mugello airfield (Florence) Photo by Mauro Meattini Mauro Meattini
52 Tuscan Sunset Tuscan sunset, Picture taken by Alessio Bartoloni above Pontedera (Pisa), June 1998 Olimpus 35 mm. Alessio Bartoloni
53 The odd passenger The Pilot is Sandro Cinotti, the aircraft is a Rans S-7, passenger's name is unknown. Photo by Claudio chicco Claudio Chicco
54 The meeting The Trike's shadow follow a group of deers Giulio Ottaviani, Valdera, (Pisa) jan. 1999 Nikon F60 Giulio Ottaviani
55 Adige Sunrise When the sun dives itself into the water the Adige seems to became a river of fire Renato Zanardo, july 1996 Renato Zanardo
56 Aerobatics A member of the Italian Aerobatic Team try to cut a typical Italian ham Aeroclub of Parma, sept 1998 a n
57 Gran Sasso The Corno Grande peak shotted by Giorgio Pace Winter 1998 Giorgio Pace
58 Namibia Flying with eagles on southern tip of the Namib desert in Namibia Markus Melkboschkuil Markus Melkboschkuil
59 The head in the clouds A Polaris Trike in the clouds over the Club Astra airfield Flavio Giacosa, Pentax MZ 3 May 1999 Flavio Giacosa
60 Gran Sasso II Alberto Cirella and Paolo Berardi with the sailplane Grob Twin Acro III over the mountains. Digital camera JVC GR-DVM5. May 12, 1999 @ 10600 feet Alberto Cirella
61 Oops! A very heavy landing... at the C.A.B. airfield. April 1999 Paolo Coltelli Paolo Coltelli
62 San Giulio island A nice picture of the Orta lake, shotted from the X-air of Alberto Moschetti Alberto Moschetti
63 A card from Croatia A picture from Croatia (North) pilot Davor Sobodic Savor Sobodic
64 Koala Luigi Curtis and his new FP 202 Koala over the Busano airfield (Turin) Photo by Luigi Accusani w. Nikon F4 and 80-200 zoom Luigi Accusani
65 Over the beach The Aviatika MAI-89 flying over the Atlantic beaches Vasco Rui Carvalho, 1998 Vasco Rui Carvalho
66 Toarmina The beautiful Sicilian coast near Taormina by Aurelio Bombagi June 1999, Canon QSX5000. Aurelio Bombagi
67 Pampa's Ultralight The Adolfo H. Bikkesbakker Mangangà in dawn on Concordia airfield, before a travel of 500 km on Argentine's Pampa. february 1995. Adolfo Bikkesbakker
68 Olighi-n-ghiciu A take-off with Koala FP202 from the famous airstrip... Luigi Curtis and his computer Luigi Curtis
69 Nostalgia San Terenziano (Todi); In the background the Sibillini mountains- Pilot: Renzo - Photograph: Sergio Sisani Nikon F5, 20 mm AI f/3,5, Agfa Scala, red filter Sergio Sisani
70 The jump Cracov (Poland); In the background the Sibillini mountains- Pilot: Renzo - Aeroflot Mi-26 the biggest helicopter of the world Giovanni Bertolini from 4000 meters... Giovanni Bertolini
71 Flying cat The Salvatore Pulvirenti's cat tries to imitate its friend.. Siracusa, Sicily, 1999 Salvatore Pulvirenti
72 Bjelovar North Croatia - Bjelovar, flying over the airport, Davor Sobodic, 1999 Davor Sobodic
73 Jumping from a trike A dangerous manoeuvre... The suspended man is Giovanni Bertolini - The wing is Atlas 21- The altitude is 800 mt Around Modena, 1990 Giovanni Bertolini
74 A dream Massimo Costa on the Elba Island coast. Aircrafts are Bucaneer Massimo Costa
75 MAI Chris Willis flying with the MAI 89 over the Ceraso airfield Photo by Tiberio Rucci, 1999 Tiberio Rucci
76 Low altitude Luigi Romenghi with his trike trying to pick flowers up. Altitude is 0,005 mt ground... Luigi Romenghi
77 Groppino idro A beautiful flight over the Savona's sea Alessandro, 1999 Alessandro 
78 Higher than sun The Laura Pezzo's Quicksilver in an evening landing. July 1996. Photo by Renato Zanardo Renato Zanardo
79 Gyroplane for a Miss Miss Magni is the Pilot of this beautiful gyroplane  Magni
80 Over Pola Flying over Pola - June 1999 - Medullin airfield. Photo by Rinaldo Gasparotto Rinaldo Gasparotto
81 Last Sun Ray Airfiled "Fratte" - Montefano (Macerata) Italy Photo by G. Salvucci - Videocamera DV JVC  Salvucci
82 Flying over Castelluccio Castelluccio (middle Italy) is a sort of Paradise for hang gliders Photo by G. Salvucci - Camera Epson PC700  Salvucci
83 Mount Soratte Mount Soratte (m. 691) is a well-know waypoint for Gianni d'Amato from the SKy Arrow cockpit. Gianni D'Amato
84 Going Home Davide Mele, going back to Monticchio (Taranto) airfield with his Tucano a n
85 Stura river The flat land of Cuneo (North Italy) crossed by the Stura river Photo by Federico Vallauri from his Slepcev Storch Federico Vallauri
86 Lady Hawk Old charming ruins near L'Aquila (middle Italy) Photo by Alessio Domeniconi Alessio Domeniconi
87 Magic Magic is the name of this all-wood homebuilt aircraft. Arrow 1000 engine - 120 hp. Mauro di Baggio Mauro Di Baggio
88 Idro Trike The anphibian trike buil by R.Pascale. Albatros Club - Palermo - Italy Roberto Pascale
89 Old Minimax One of the first Minimax built in Italy Mr. Turini over the Cecina sky Nicola Turini
90 Hurricane Fabrizio Filippi flying his Hurricane (FIAT Engine) near the Romito bridge - Livorno - Italy a n
91 Moon The moon had never been so close to the heart... Caludio Chicco and his P92 - dec. 22 1999 Claudio Chicco
92 The Jump Edoardo Cini and a pair of friends in the sky of Boscomantico - Verona - Italy a n
93 The "Cifone" The Jeof Candiana "Cifone" over the Salerno coast during the Italian Tour 1999 - Pilot Danio Pedrazzini Photo by Fabio Dovesi from his Pelikan Fabio Dovesi
94 Remember when… remember when the flight was experimentation Bruno Dimitri with his "Zanzara" in the far 1980 Bruno Dimitri
95 Sunshine Sunshine in the Frascarolo sky (Pavia) Febbruary 2000 Enrico Moretto Enrico Moretto
39 Cheese… Giorgio Pace and hid Tecnam P96 Photografer: Filemazio Nikon F5, 80-200 f/2,8 AF-D, Astia 100 Giorgio Pace
96 Wave In the wave over S. Severino Marche at 3.000 meters Photo G. Salvucci 10/03/1999 Camera Epson pc700 G. Salvucci
97 Quadricycle The right choice between taildragger and tricycle Photo F.Giacosa Camera Nikon Coolpix 950 Flavio Giacosa
98 Elba Island Approaching the beautiful island during a flight from Sicily to Veneto Photo Salvatore Pulvirenti April 1999 Salvatore Pulvirenti
99 Flying Scooter some years ago... an interesting Experimmental airscooter Photo F.Giacosa Camera Nikon Coolpix 950 Flavio Giacosa
100 Enthusiasm Alessandro Fiorani with his Fly Syntesis Storch over San Donà di Piave (Venice) 23/02/2000 Olympus Camedia C 920 Zoom Alessandro Fiorani
126 Racconigi Castle One of the italian king's house photographed by Barbara Trovato from an X-Air Nikon Coolpix 990 Barbara Trovato
127 Tuscany's Skies I was young and I was a Good of Sky believer. But I'll come back, Sky, and we'll stay togheter... Marco Ricci Marco Ricci
128 Flying togheter Orville, the Bucaneer and a ASK 21 glider are Flying togheter over Rieti November, 4 2000, Pilots Paolo Vittozzi and Diego Palazzoli Camera Sony Paolo Vittozzi
129 Sabaudia Flying over the roman coast near the city of Sabaudia Gianni d'Amato Gianni D'Amato
130 Arriba! The maiden flight of the Batolomeo Conti Kangaroo Cividale del Friuli Camera Canon A50 Bartolomeo Conti
131 Glider Flying in the Lucca sky, pilots Evandro Detti and Massimo Malavolta Cividale del Friuli Fotocamera olympus miu 2, 35mm nov. 2000 Evandro Detti
132 Paraglider for two A two-seat paraglider near Norma (Rome) during an interesting flight. Photografer: Patrizio Amici Camera: Nikon with 35-80 Zoom Patrizio Amici
133 Gold Sky 5000 ' over the city of Latina froma C152 I-AMCR Riccardo De Nardis 9/12/2000 Canon TLB - 50mm Riccardo De Nardis
134 Top Fun The Michele Galiani's Top Fun taking-off form the Campofelice Roccella (palermo) Airfield Jan. 2001 Michele Gagliani
135 Today I fly with an Ultralight! Fabio Ziglio dreams an ultralight flight on board of this F-16 Aeroporto di Verona 28/08/1998 Fabio Ziglio
136 Once upon a time… 1985, Luigi Curtis flying the Vector, the ultralight designed at M.I.T. Two of them are still flying in Piemonte (Italy) 1985 Luigi Curtis
137 Carso A nice picture shotted by Maurizio Cossalter flying in the Carso Valley Maurizio Cossalter
138 Flood October 2000, the water of the Po river in the Suzzara countries Matteo Dal Trozzo wit a Nike trike Matteo Dal Trozzo
139 It's late… It's late but I fly! Claudio Bonoretti and his Firefox Claudio Bonoretti
140 Flying with the Grand Father Flying over Pollino (Calabria-Castrovillari) Maurizio Primavera and his grandchild with his Flash Maurizio Primavera
141 Helycopter Marco Ricci flies with his helycopter in the Valdichiana Valley (Tuscany) Marco Ricci
142 Smoking System Flying over a Wedding with a smoking Minimax Pilot: Luciano Vanni July 1998 Yashica 200f Luciano Vanni
143 Ultraleve Ultraleve J3-FBN engine VW 1900, built at home. Curitiba- Brasil Homebuilder: Florencio Barlera Netto Florencio Barlera Netto
144 Sun, fog and wing A strange effect during a flight over the Piedmont fog Flavio Giacosa, nov. 2000 Nikon Coolpix 950 Flavio Giacosa
145 Montenegro Nadarevic Kemal flies over the wonderful Montenegro's coast Nadarevic Kemal
146 Marble snow Gabriele Bernardini shotted the Apuane Alps over Carrara from the motorglider Virus The white is marble, not snow! april, 24, 2001 Gabriele Bernardini
147 Better on an air field Touch and go.... on the water of Kariba lake in Zambia Gianni d'Amato Gianni D'Amato
148 Lake of Varese Picture shotted by Alberto from Tampico TB 9 Digital camera kodak dc 920 12/05/2001 Alberto 
149 Final to Ozzano airfield Marco Cerone in final to Ozzano airfield on board of Tampico TB9, I-IAGQ. The picture was shotted by a passenger in june 2000 Marco Cerone
150 Flying Brothers Antonio and Sebastiano Zuccarello flying with a trike, over the Taormina sea Antonio Zuccarello
151 Rainbow Crossing the Bracciano lake, a rainbow give a momento of happyness before the "samba" of the following clouds. Photo by Valter Palombi, pilot "Yeti" Talpo, Sky Arrow 450T Valter Palombi
152 Baja California Michele Milano flies with the Polaris F.I.B. over this paradise 10-06-2001, Balandra, Mexico Michele Milano
20 First Experiments In the '70 years Bruno Dimitri flies with a primitive trike over the Trasimeno Lake Bruno Dimitri
153 Valbelice This is a picture of a nice group of Deltaclub Valbelice trike pilots Photo by Vincezo Mulè Vincezo Mulè
155 Two Seas Raid Between Grosseto and Montalto di Castro on the Paolo Vittozzi and Federico Capaldo's Bucaneer. On the side you can see the Daniele Manno's Tucano Sony digital camera Federico Vittozzi
154 Midnight flight Il sole è tramontato da poco a Joensuu (Finlandia) ma si potrebbe volare indefinitamente! Sotto di noi laghi e foreste e foreste e laghi. Raid delle Renne 2001 Asso IV con Ennio de Nardi - Foto di Ruggero Boatto Olympus D-400 Camedia Ruggero Boatto
156 Sick Fabrizio Mazzoni shotted this picture of his son Federico riding his trike. Same disease for both... Federico Mazzoni
157 Towing An unusual picture by Flavio Giacosa on board of a Stinson L5 towing a sailpalen - Envie (Piemonte) Nikon Coolpix 950 Flavio Giacosa
158 The pilot workshop Are you looking for replacement parts?. Well, this is the right place Flavio Giacosa Nikon Coolpix 950 Flavio Giacosa
159 Low passage A nice picture of two Storm during a low passage Cristiano De Lucrezia May 2001 Cristiano De Lucrezia
160 Forced landing In this image you can see a forced landing by Freddye Galimberti on the Monte Poro airstrip Freddye Galimberti
161 Tonale The Tonale Hill from the Jet Fox 97 owned by Ettore Zanelli. Camera HP PhotoSmart 618 Ettore Zanelli
162 Capo Passero Nicola and Catia from Veneto to Sicilia, with fury !!!!  
163 Satisfaction Sandro Di Simplicio during his first flight after the glight license. Note his smile... Sandro Di Simplicio
164 Traffico During holiday it is possible to find this odd vehicles on the roads. Gippi Sacchi Spanish Vuelta Gippi Sacchi
165 Malafesta Gigi Cazzari, born in 1921, fighting pilot in WW2 with nickname: "Malafesta". He still flies with hes faithful "Tucano". Phot by Antonello Panu. Antonello Panu
166 Piacenza The city of Piacenza in a shot by Nando Procaccini from a Partenavia P66 March 2000 Nando Procaccini
167 Iseo Lake Picture of the Iseo Lake taken by Piero e Roberta Siddi from their trike July 2001 Piero e Roberta Siddi
168 The Foligno Hangars Pilot (Adriano Ferrari) and co-pilot (Filemazio) are in doubt. Panel up and Hangars down or panel down and Hangars up? Nikon F5 - Nikkor AI 20 mm f/3,5 - Fuji Provia 100F  Filemazio
169 Flying together Ettore Destri, Marco Arfelli e Paolo Piana flying together over the venetian flat landscape. September 2001 - Round of the Friuli castles Alicast. Ettore Destri
170 Tri-color dream Andrea Marchi was dreaming a future as militar pilot. He's still dreaming in this way.... Andrea Marchi
171 Asti The city of Asti taken by Stefano Francisetti on board of his trike Aliferrari Polaris 18 Fotocamera Nikon Stefano Francisetti
172 MAI in Puglia The clean sky of the Puglia region as background of this picture of a Paolo Colucci turn, on board of his MAI 890 Casamassima, november 22th, 2001 Paolo Colucci
173 Storch... on sunset A sunset taken from a Storch in the venetian region. In the background the Monte Grappa Corrado Curtolo, november 2001 Corrado Curtolo
174 Tampico Sivio and his co-pilot Angelo on board of a Tampico flying from Perugia to Rome Picture shotted over Todi, 3000 feet September 2001  
175 BBQ in Rome A low passage of a seagull in the center of Rome, taken from Adriano Ferrari Piazza di Spagna, august 2001 Adriano Ferrari
176 Gran Sasso Dicember 28th 2001 The sun paints of red the mountains top in the Gran Sasso chain. Image taken from a Socata TB9 at 900o feet over Campo Imperatore Paolo Berardi
177 Winter towing A winter towing in the Po river valley. 2000 feet near "His Majesty" the Monviso Fulvio Turvani
178 Fog Over Salsomaggiore Terme at 4500 feet. Nikon F100, zoom 80-200 with Kodak Professional film Luca Destri
179 Antonello e Salvatore Antonello e Salvatore fliyng togheter in the sky of Pozzomaggiore (Sardinia). Mariano Cazzari
180 Fireguard A very unhelpful fireguard flight.. Stefano Pannella
181 Elba Island A nice flying holiday in the Elba Island. In the picture the port of Piombino Claudio Bonoretti
182 Salento A fantastic flight over the Castro Marina coast (Lecce) on board of the Tucano 503 - Canon Powershot A20 Antonio Sticchi
183 The Volcano smoke The incredible Etna smoke column fixed from an ultralight november 2002 Pentax Optio 230 Giovanni Marano
184 Tucano flying Maybe it's not a nice picture but for me it means that a dream becomes true: FLYING Marco Petrarca
185 Padania flying Diana & Enrico over the padania skies- Tirelli trike with hazard wing - october 2002 Enrico Ramponi
186 Dual flight A dual flight over Sabaudia coast Maria Clara Mussa
187 Croatia A nice picture of Rovigno (Croatia) shotted by Rolando Comodin from hes Pioneer Rolando Comodin
188 Flood Runway 36 of the AVLU Samolaco flight school - 2002,02,12 after the flood of the previous days.
Camera: digital Canon
Pietro Goffi
189 Texan Paolo Borchetta, pilot, Thom Richard (co-pilot), july 5th 2002,Kissimmee Municipal Airport Florida, looping at 6000 feet, Aircraft: Texan T-6 (SNJ Marines version) Paolo Borchetta
191 Santo Domingo A nice picture of the "Los Haites Natural Reserve" shotted by Mauro on board of his CT.
Febbruary 2002
Mauro Ghisolfi
194 Zlin A Zlin Akrobat shot, sent by Antonella
February 2002
Antonella Mazzi
195 Roman tower Asturia tower, old roman harbour in the roman coast
March 2003
Alessandro Medini
196 Tucano over Malta Victoria (Rabat) the capital city is seen on the left. It is strategically placed near the geographic centre of the island on a high point & the Citadel is built on a hill that is over 500ft ASL, making it the second highest spot in Gozo. Pilot Simon Borg. Roberto Benetti
197 The Etna volcano before the eruption A hight flight before it wasn't possible Marco F.
198 RF5 The sexy shape of the Fournier RF5 F-BPLZ
Mazzè airfield (turin) in the sunset
december 2002
Canon PS10
Di Bari Riccardo
199 Mountain Pilots Coming back from the “Piper Treffen 2002”, traditional gathering in Wels. Italian Pilots of the Mountain Pilots Association
July 2002
Giulio Volpe
200 Dolomiti mountains Over Gardena Valley, with thw beautiful background of Dolomiti Mountains
Pilot Andrea Rossetto
December 2001
Alberto Botoletto
202 Sunset Flight In the sunset, aver the Nettuno airfield, with other two friends Maria Clara Mussa
204 From Alps to Etna The Strait of Messina shotted during the raid "from Alps to Etna" Paolo Mondini
205 Cascade A great cascade of clouds on the Apuane Apls, not far from mount Ornato
Gianluca Landi
209 Our flights Antonello e Salvatore flying over Pozzomaggiore (Sardinia) with Fox I-3436. Picture shotted by Mariano Cazzari (Tucano I-4350) Mariano Cazzari
210 Elba Island The nice effetc of reflexes on the Elba sea Claudio 
211 Model To tell you the truth this is a mice model manufactured by Antonino Russo. In the background the hangars of the Siracusa airfield Salvatore Pulvirenti
212 Approaching Castiglione del Lago Approaching to Castiglione del Lago for the unforgettable Springtime Meeting Giancarlo Lucca
213 First flight The first flight for the PPL in Palermo, Bocca di Falco airport Guglielmo Francavilla
215 Towards Adamello Flight towards Adamello: when it is cold at 10000 feet is better! August 2003 Mirko Gervasoni
216 Rendez-vous A rendez-vous between two "Tucanos" in the S.Elia airfield, Cuneo, Italy Nicola Catino
218 Santa Claus A modern Santa, jumps from an helicopter instead the usual method Paolo Gianfanti
219 Beer, please Passo Val Gardena: an helicopter transports beer to the refuge Tiberio Rucci
220 On board of a Bleriot Did you ever fly on board of a Bleriot? In this case it's a nice Zanardo replica Renato Zanardo
221 Adamello At 10,000 feet over the Adamello glacier, flying towards the Tonale airfield Fabio Ziglio
223 Fire alarm Alarm fires at Castellaneta (Taranto): the "Protezione Civile" has thirsty Tiberio Rucci
224 Clouds and volcano This picture was shotted at 7400 feet in the middle of Sicily over the Etna volcano Salvo Matranga
225 Corno alle Scale The "Corno alle Scale" not far from Bologna. Marco take-off with his hang glider from the base at about 6000 feet Gianluca Landi
226 Tucano of Malta Simon Borg and hisTucano 9H-UMF on final leg runway 06 at Luqa International Airport.
Photo by Peter Tonna
Peter Tonna
227 Waterspouts Two nice waterspouts shotted in the background of the Ancona Falconara airport
febbruary 2203
Giovanni Salvucci
228 Rocca di Mesola Rocca di Mesola shotted during a nice trike flight Stefano Naldi
231 Flooding This picture was shotted from a trike flying over a flood airfield in Samolacco (Sondrio) in dicember 2002
Digital Canon camera
Giovanni Pedranzini
232 On Top On Top over the clouds, ... looking for the airport
Dicember 2002. Pilot Achille Morgano
Simone Rossetto
233 Africa? Australia...Africa...North of Europe?
No... Italian Padania flat, not far from Novara
234 Salento coast A nice picture of the Italian coast. The lakes are Alimini lakes and are near Otranto (Puglia) Mirco Spagnolo
235 Bernina March, 21th 2003. It's springtime and we went to the Bernina top at 4.050 meters (13.200 feet)
The Microlight was a Firefox 503
Maurizio Caspani
237 Strip The aerobatic Team Zlin make a strip in the Thiene hangar Gaetano Gioppo
238 Old Ship An old ship in the Taormina gulf Giovanni Marano
239 Sailpalnes The DG300 I-VIEL sailplane piloted by Giuseppe Marzotto over the Asiago airport shotted by Gaetano Gioppo from his DG200 I-LORA Gaetano Gioppo
245 Friendship It's nice to fly with a friend...
Filippo Ferraro
246 UFO Alien at AREA 51 airfield: I think that, to show myself, I had to put a pair of wings... Renato Zanardo
249 Herrera Airport Landing in the middle of the city of Santo Domingo.
Pilots: Mauro Ghisolfi and Antonio Zuccarello
Aircraft: CT
Antonio Zuccarello
252 A summer evening Just a nice flight in a summer evening.
Over Binasco flying towards Mezzana Bigli
Massimo Leva
255 Clouds river A spectacular view of the Appenini mountains Rocco Casolaro
256 Pottier In front of my Pottier! Ernesto Piastra
259 Emergency landing An emergency landing into a vineyard. 27th april 2003 Alberto Zucchi
260 Young Pilot Mmmm, this pilot is too much tired...
Stefano and Marilyn (dad and mom) to Celine
Stefano Casonato
190 Barcolana The Trieste gulf the Barcolana's day shotted from the Pioneer 300. October 13th 2002.
Olympus C300.
Gianmarco  Basaldella
193 Over the Tonale pass From Samolaco to Padova, crossing the Tonale pass. Giovanni Pedranzini e Pietro Goffi on board their Tecnam P92 - 12000 feet
December 2002
Giovanni Pedranzini
217 Gran Sasso The incredible Gran Sasso shotted from the Marco Bombonato P92. Altitude 10.000 feet Cristiana Lancini
229 Rice fields on the Po river Wonderful effect of the rice fields near Comacchio, in Po river Stefano Naldi
236 Digital effect The strange effect ot the propeller rotation shotted with a simple digital camera
The hand was...outside the window
Gaetano Gioppo
243 Bleriot Have you ever flown a Bleriot? Renato Zanardo
244 Double Zlin A couple of Zlin during a low passage over the Modena Airport Antonella Mazzi
247 A beautiful flight The Asiago flat. Photo shotted from a Tecnam P92 named "PIPPO"
Claudio Bonoretti
248 Certified B.B.Q. The interesting way to built a B.B.Q. Photo shotted during a trip in France. The aircraft was a crashed Morane... Rolando Comodin
257 RBF A funny "Remove Before Fly" shotted at 2004 Sun'n Fun. Luca Invernizzi
258 Burano lake The Burano Lake shotted from an ICP Bingo! Guido Castagneris
271 Klaus Algieri
272 Simone Patriarca
273 Stefano Francisetti
274 Leonardo Bacci
275 Leonardo Bacci
276 Simon Borg
280 Vitezslav Novacek
282 Paolo Piccinelli
283 Luca Biagi
284 Renato Bindi
285 Enrico Rosati
286 Kenneth Mazza
287 Iacopo Caroti
288 Nicola Turini
290 Nicola Turini
289  Totò
291  Totò
292 Alessio Patierno
293 Stefano Naldi
294 Stefano Naldi
297 Enrico Rosati
298 Luca TakoMaki
300 Kenneth Mazza
301 Andrea Berardi
302 Enzo Turini
303 Andrea Berardi
305 Anna Ferrari
306 Brunello Giomi
308 Anna Ferrari
309 Rudi Rigo
310 Angelo Flaiban
311 Tiberio Rucci
312 Luca Angelo
313 Guido 
314 Luca Angelo
315 Kenneth Mazza
316 Edgar Kraft
317 Andrea Rossetto
318 Self-portrait Fernando and Roberto in the Puglia turbulence.  
319 Anphibian Bingo This is what we mean when, in the Maggiore Lake, we invite someone for a coffee... Giamosa 
320 Roby 
321 Giovanni Bertolini
322 Giovanni Bertolini
323 Giovanni Bertolini
324 Giovanni Bertolini
325 Tiberio Rucci
326 Marco 
327 Ugo Bedogni
329 Luigi Speroni
331 Paola Mongiano
332 Antonella Mazzi
333 Pietro Vinante
192 Mare Nostrum The wonderful coast of Platamona, Sardinia from the Groppino of Luca and Sergio.
April, 25th, 2002
Luca Bittau
206 Po river Flying over the Po river in a nice sunset Ettore Zanelli
207 Castel del Monte The famous Federico II castle, shotted from the Tampico Niki Canè
208 The hopes of a parent ... so, my love, this is the control stick... Sergio Barlocchetti
222 Cloud cascade An incredible cascade of air. Apuane Alps, 1998 Gianluca Landi
230 Fessej Rock An air to air photo of the Ferrari Tucano 9H-UME taken from the Thruster T-600N 9H-UMD during a formation flight while heading to Gozo, on 06-Mar-2003.
The 'Fessej Rock' situated at Mgarr ix-Xini can be seen on the right side.
Roberto Benetti
240 Over Insbruck Over Insbruck at FL 80 with a ROBIN-ATL
Wolfgang  Huhn
241 Friuli Sky Flying at 1000 feet over the Fiuli Stefano Casonato
242 Digital effetc #2 The strange effetc of the propeller rotation, shotted from the window of an ATR 42
digital camera
Mauro Furlan
296 Walter 
299 Luca TakoMaki
304 Christian - Leo 
307 Giovanni Piccoli
328 Emo Bientinesi
334 Roberto Cipolla
336 Pierluigi Tassi
335 Andrea Berardi
337 Marco Lizzi
338 Rudy Venezia
339 Iacopo Caroti
340 Paolo Iudica
341 Michele Bellafemina
342 Francesco Maritano
343 Michele Mascalchi
344 Michele Bellafemina
345 Paolo Iudica
346 Klaus Algieri
348 Luca A
349 Stefano Francisetti
350 Beppe Leon
352 Francesco Solzi
353 Francesco Solzi
354 Marco Costa
355 Piero 
356  Puccj
357 Filippo 
359 Peppe Arcangeli
358 Marco 
360 Leonardo Melloni
362 Luca 
361 Luca 
365 Luca Biagi
366 Mirko 
367 Giamosa 
368 Giamosa 
369 Ugo Variola
370 Luca Angelo
371 Maurizio Santangelo
372 Marcello Filippi
373 Daniele 
374 Luigi Panariello
375 Luigi Romenghi
376 Enrico Rosati
378 Gianluca De Angelis
380 Luigi Vergerio Reghini
381  GioMib
382  Pavanello
383  Pavanello
385  Pavanello
384 Gianluca De Angelis
201 Glory Self portrait shotted in the Grazzanise, 9° fighters group
Let you imagine the speed I used to take this self-shot
Fabrizio Bonanni
203 Free flight A friend asked me for a free passage
november 3th, 2002
Niki Canè
377 Luigi Romenghi
214 Rotor The curious curving of the rotor of this ultralight helicopter Fabrizio Mazzoni
264 Pozzallo port The first flight after my dual flight examination.
96 minutes with my Tecnam P92
Tony Solarino
269 Emo Bientinesi
268 The Big Horn The "corno grande" (Big Horn) at 11000ft Wolf 
270 Simon Borg
330 Maurizio Cova
250 Clouds... Over the Tevere valley, pulled up by these mice cumulus
Aircraft ICP Bingo 503
Springtime 2003
Alessandro Neri
251 I-LYDU at FL120 Trip from Rome to Bergamo. In front of us the padana flat and (maybe) Bergamo!
january 2004
Claudio Pragliola
253 Corigliano Castle A beautiful view of the Corigliano Calabro Castle Klaus Algieri
254 Albano lake The Albano lake in sight from my Top Fun.
4500' and... no sun in the sky
Enrico Rosati
278 Paolo Piccinelli
279 Emo Bientinesi
261 Once upon a time A very old photo
This pilots with their Leonardino were the real pioneers of the microlight flight.
Luigi Curtis
262 Portugal coast The beautiful "panorama" of the atlantic coast of the Purtugal Francesco Maritano
263 Duel A duel with a biplane and a scooter
Ozzano 2003
Francesco Solzi
351 Franco 
364 Pierluigi Tassi
265 A flight to Besenov A flight to Besenov, via Austria, Slowenia and croatia Vitezslav Novacek
266 It's OK It's OK flying over the sea... Ernesto Piastra
267 Landing in Santo Domingo An airport in the city Rocco Casolaro
347 Guillermo  Pérez
379 Gianluca De Angelis
386 Pavanello 
387 Luigi Romenghi
388 Luigi Romenghi
390 Luigi Romenghi
391 Silvano Gastaldelli
392 Silvano Gastaldelli
393 Michele Bellafemina
394 Michele Bellafemina
395 Cesare D. La Padula
396 Angelo Bonardi
397 T. Rucci
398 T. Rucci
399 Valter Rebecchi
400 Luigi Rossi
401 Riccardo De Nardis
402 Alfredo Viola
403 Ettore Destri
405 Marco Minora
406 Angelo Bonardi
407 Alfredo Viola
408 Michele Giamosa
409 Michele Giamosa
410 Brunello Giomi
411 Antonio Di Paolo
412 Antonio Di Paolo
413 Leonardo Melloni
414 Leonardo Melloni
415 Sergio Colosimo
416 Enrico Lonardi
417 Enrico Lonardi
420 Oscar Milanesio
421 Oscar Milanesio
424 Oscar Milanesio
426 Enrico Lonardi
427 Giovanni Piccoli
428 Oscar Milanesio
429 Oscar Milanesio
431 Oscar Milanesio
432 Maurizio Primavera
433 Enrico Lonardi
389 Valter Fusi
404 Riccardo De Nardis
419 Enrico Lonardi
425 Oscar Milanesio
422 Davide 
430 Oscar Milanesio
435 Enrico Lonardi
436 Fabio Casu
437 Massimiliano Mogna
438 Massimiliano Mogna
439 Antonio Pisano
440 Nicola Turini
441 Davide Nardon
443 Davide Nardon
445 Davide Nardon
442 Anteo Pontello
444 Daniele Pisacane
447 Antonio Pisano
449 Francesco Solzi
450 Francesco Solzi
451 Francesco Solzi
452  Pavanello
453  Pavanello
454  Pavanello
455 Roberto Proli
457 Gianfranco Passoni
458 Angelo Casentini
459 Angelo Casentini
460 Angelo Casentini
461 Angelo Casentini
462 Francesco Solzi
463 Francesco Solzi
464 Francesco Solzi
465 Piernino Manfredi
466 Francesco Solzi
467 Roberto Stoppini
468 Kenneth Mazza
477 Alessandro 
478 Luigi Faiella
479 Sergio Barlocchetti
481 Luigi Faiella
482 Paolo Romagnolli
483 Walter Pennatini
485 Alessandro Bragion
486 Alessandro Bragion
487 Alessandro Bragion
488 Alessandro Bragion
489 Piero Chiriatti
490  Hotel Jarolim
491 Pier Manfredi
493 Norman Azzopardi
494 Luigi Romenghi
496 Francesco La Lumia
497 Francesco La Lumia
498 Gabriele Bernardini
499 Fabio Doriguzzi
502 Ettore Destri
508 Ivan Collet
509 Salvo Recupero
511 Giusppe Filiaci
518 Luigi Maiolo
514 Marco Pavanello
515 Marco Pavanello
517 Marco Pavanello
519 Stefano Menti
1028 Antonio Carpenetti
1027 Antonio Carpenetti
1029 Antonio Carpenetti
1030 Antonio Carpenetti
1031 Antonio Carpenetti
1026 Antonio Carpenetti
785 Sergio Barlocchetti
802 Marco Pavanello
860 Fabio Doriguzzi
861 Antonello Domino
862 Antonello Domino
880 Fredy Ramponi
911  Carpenetti
947 Giovanni Bertolini
972 Diego Rigamonti
975 Claudio Costa
980 Angelo Casentini
990 Antonio Carpenetti
996 Antonio Carpenetti
710 Angelo Casentini
794 Marco Minora
796 Marco Minora
800 Eligio Lonardi
827 Marco Minora
885 Matteo Sforni
898 Giovanni Bertolini
979 Angelo Casentini
771 Ettore Destri
803 Marco Pavanello
804 Marco Pavanello
805 Marco Pavanello
834 Ettore Destri
835 Claudio Pedrazzi
836 Claudio Pedrazzi
864 Ugo Variola Ugo Variola
900 Claudio Pedrazzi
901 Claudio Pedrazzi
937 Marco Bertolini
953 Ugo Variola
957 Antonio Carpenetti
989 Marco Bertolini
843 Giovanni Bertolini
907 Gherardo Fontana
913  Carpenetti
999 Gianni Brunetti
951 Marco Bertolini
985 Angelo Casentini
986 Angelo Casentini
1002 Marco Bertolini
1003 Marco Bertolini
1004 Marco Bertolini
1005 Ugo Variola
1006 Ugo Variola
1007 Ugo Variola
1008 Ugo Variola
1009 Antonio Carpenetti
1010 Antonio Carpenetti
1011 Antonio Carpenetti
1012 Federico Barbiero
1013 Federico Barbiero
1014 Federico Barbiero
1015 Angelo Casentini
1016 Angelo Casentini
1017 Angelo Casentini
1018 Angelo Casentini
1019 Angelo Casentini
1020 Angelo Casentini
1021 Luigi Romenghi
1022 Luigi Romenghi
1023 Antonio Carpenetti
1024 Antonio Carpenetti
1025 Antonio Carpenetti
596 Sergio Barlocchetti
622 Claudio Pedrazzi
648  Emiliano & Andrea
649 Emanuele De Michele
690 Francesco Solzi
691 Francesco Solzi
704 Marco Pacella
705 Simone Di Pietrogiacomo
711 Alfredo Viola
713 Bruno Tommasini
797 Luca Olivari
845 Giovanni Bertolini
847 Giovanni Bertolini
855  Avioresort
857 Gherardo Fontana
867 Sergio Colosimo
897 Giovanni Bertolini
919 Federico Barbiero
938 Giovanni Bertolini
941 Marco Bertolini
943 Giovanni Bertolini
946 Antonio Carpenetti
949 Marco Bertolini
950 Marco Bertolini
955 Giuseppe Belliardo
959 Antonio Carpenetti
960 Antonio Carpenetti
961 Antonio Carpenetti
962 Giovanni Ardizzoia
963 Antonio Carpenetti
964 Antonio Carpenetti
965 Mauro 
966 Luca Barbiero
967 Antonio Carpenetti
968 Antonio Carpenetti
969 Antonio Carpenetti
970 Diego Rigamonti
971 Diego Rigamonti
973 Claudio Costa
974 Claudio Costa
976 Angelo Casentini
977 Angelo Casentini
978 Angelo Casentini
981 Angelo Casentini
982 Angelo Casentini
983 Angelo Casentini
984 Angelo Casentini
987 Marco Bertolini
988 Marco Bertolini
991 Antonio Carpenetti
992 Antonio Carpenetti
993 Marco Minora
994 Marco Minora
995 Antonio Carpenetti
997 Antonio Carpenetti
998 Gianni Brunetti
1000 Gianni Brunetti
1001 Antonio Carpenetti
686 Claudio Pedrazzi
698 Luca Bronzi
701 Paolo Borchetta
725 Alfredo Viola
730  Maurino
731  Maurino
775 Claudio Pedrazzi
776 Claudio Pedrazzi
470 Angelo Casentini
471 Angelo Casentini
472 Angelo Casentini
473 Angelo Casentini
474 Angelo Casentini
576 Tiziano Demaria
578 Tiziano Demaria
590 Cesare D. La Padula
597 Francesco Solzi
598 Francesco Solzi
642 Stefano Pizzirani
668 Stefano Saponaro
671 Stefano Saponaro
675 Walter Barbaranelli
754 Claudio Pedrazzi
760  Solitaryeagle
774 Claudio Pedrazzi
806  Pako
808 Enrico Lonardi
821 Gianni & Patrizia Brunetti
852 Gherardo Fontana
858 Gherardo Fontana
873 Ugo Variola
878 Huhn Volfgang
891  Solitaryeagle
902 Giovanni Bertolini
903 Capuzzo Massimo
904 Giovanni Bertolini
905 Gherardo Fontana
906 Gherardo Fontana
908 Andrea Gentili
909 Giancarlo Caleffi
910 Carlo Franchini
912  Carpenetti
914 Giancarlo Caleffi
915 Andrea Gentili
916 Danilo Cardillo
917 Andrea Saputi
918 Federico Barbiero
920 Federico Barbiero
921 Federico Barbiero
922 Giovanni Bertolini
923 Fabio Dosi
924 Claudio 
925 Simone 
926 Giovanni Ardizzoia
927 Ciro Santoro
928 Giancarlo Caleffi
929 Luca Barbiero
930 Gianluca 
931 Giovanni Ardizzola
932 Tony Solarino
933 Giovanni Ardizzola
934 Sara Garofano
935 Antonio Carpenetti
936 Klaus Algieri
939 Giovanni Ardizzoia
940 Marco Bertolini
942 Ugo Variola
944 Giovanni Bertolini
945 Antonio Carpenetti
948 Marco Bertolini
952 Carlo Franchini
954 Giuseppe Belliardo
956 Antonio Carpenetti
958 Davide Olivati
456 Mauro Di Biaggio
475 Angelo Casentini
476 Angelo Casentini
533 Salvatore Bombardiere
534 Fabio Dosi
545 Giovanni Bertolini
586 Giuseppe Filiaci
621 Claudio Pedrazzi
623 Claudio Pedrazzi
624 Claudio Pedrazzi
637 Bruno Tommasini
651  Tommy
693 Marco Minora
781 Claudio Pedrazzi
790  MarkSint
809 Enrico Lonardi
813 Enrico Lonardi
814 Enrico Lonardi
817 Enrico Lonardi
818 Claudio De Pizzol
820 Gianpiero Ferrari
829 Stefano Saponaro
830 Stefano Saponaro
831 Claudio Pedrazzi
832 Claudio Pedrazzi
833 Ettore Destri
837 Claudio Pedrazzi
838 Bruno Mantovani
839 Bruno Mantovani
840 Bruno Mantovani
841 Giovanni Bertolini
842 Giovanni Bertolini
844 Giovanni Bertolini
846 Giovanni Bertolini
848 Teresa 
849 Teresa 
850 Gherardo Fontana
851 Gherardo Fontana
853 Claudio Pedrazzi
854 Claudio Pedrazzi
856 Gherardo Fontana
859 Francesco D'Ambrosio
863 Ugo Variola
865 Sergio Colosimo
866 Sergio Colosimo
868 Federico Barbiero
869 Federico Barbiero
870 Maurizio Primavera
871 Ugo Variola
872 Ugo Variola
874 Silvio Fiori
875 Huhn Wolfgang
876 Huhn Wolfgang
877 Huhn Wolfgang
879 Pasquale D'Ambrosio
881 Pasquale 
882 Fabio Dosi
883 Daniele Bonato
884 Matteo Sforni
887 Fabio 
888 Simone Crisarà
889 Raffaele Meloni
890 Gianluca 
892  Wolf
893  Wolf
894  Wolf
895 Angelo Sabino
896 Fabio Dosi
899 Claudio Pedrazzi
446 Daniele Pisacane
448 Roberto P.
492 Pier Manfredi
531 Brunello Giomi
541 Claudio Pedrazzi
614 Bruno Rolla
616 Matteo Salamon
656 Marco Savini
660 Ernesto Piastra
683 Claudio Pedrazzi
709 Angelo Casentini
722 Marco Pavanello
727 Marco Savini
737 Paolo Grassill
748 Angelo Siracusa
751 Daniele Bonato
752 Claudio Pedrazzi
753 Claudio Pedrazzi
755 Francesco Solzi
756 Francesco Solzi
757 Marco Savini
758 Daniele Bonato
759  Maurino
761 Claudio Tavoni
762 Claudio Pedrazzi
763 Claudio Pedrazzi
764 Nico Moro
765 Davide Marazza
766 Renato Guarguaglini
767 Anastasia Nicov
768 Luigi Faiella
769 Ettore Destri
770 Ettore Destri
772 Luca Olivari
773 Claudio Pedrazzi
777 Ettore Destri
778 Bruno Borgogni
779  Juan Garcia
780 Marco Pacella
782 Claudio Pedrazzi
783 Claudio Pedrazzi
784 Paolo Terri
786 Ivan Collet
787 Sirio Barba
788 Ettore Destri
789  MarkSint
791 Maurizio Primavera
792 Emanuele 
793 Luigi Romenghi
795 Marco Minora
798 Luigi Romenghi
799 Eligio Lonardi
801 Marco Pavanello
807 Enrico Lonardi
810 Luigi Faiella
811 Ettore Destri
812 Ettore Destri
815 Enrico Lonardi
816 Enrico Lonardi
819 Gianpiero Ferrari
822 Gianni & Patrizia Brunetti
823 Gianni & Patrizia Brunetti
824 Giovanni Pezzullo
825 Marco Minora
826 Marco Minora
828 Stefano Saponaro
434 Enrico Lonardi
480 Eric Blom
510 Maurizio Primavera
549 Laura 
551 Andrea Figiani
552 Mattia De Micheli
557 Nadia 
563 Wolf 
564 Wolf 
570 Claudio Pedrazzi
571 Claudio Pedrazzi
584 Claudio Pedrazzi
585 Claudio Pedrazzi
587 Giuseppe Filiaci
589 Simone Tonti
0 Fabio Dosi
595 Fabio Dosi
607 Claudio Pedrazzi
611 Federico Barbiero
650 Emanuele De Micheli
665 Claudio Pedrazzi
670 Stefano Saponaro
684 Claudio Pedrazzi
685 Claudio Pedrazzi
688 Ettore Destri
689 Francesco Solzi
694 Marco Minora
695 Luca Bronzi
696 Luca Bronzi
697 Luca Bronzi
699 Dario 
700  Mitiko
702 Nicola Zuccali
703 Marco Pacella
706 Massimiliano Tuccio
707 Angelo Casentini
708 Angelo Casentini
712 Bruno Tommasini
714 Bruno Tommasini
715 Bruno Tommasini
716 Claudio De Pizzol
717 Davide Rosa
718 Marco Pavanello
719 Marco Pavanello
720 Marco Pavanello
721 Marco Pavanello
723 Eagle Solitary
724 Alfredo Viola
726 Marco Savini
728 Sergio Moscorelli
729 Massimo Leva
732 Gianni Novaro
733 Gianni Novaro
734 Gianni Novaro
735 Gianni Novaro
736  Maurino
738 Marco Pavanello
739 Marco Pavanello
740 Marco Pavanello
741  Maurino
742 Mariano Ceccarelli
743 Alfredo Viola
744 Felice Zingone
745 luca Borchetta
746 Angelo Siracusa
747 Angelo Siracusa
749 Enrico Ciccarese
750 Wolfgang Huhn
423 Davide 
504 Claudio Pedrazzi
505 Claudio Pedrazzi
507 Claudio Pedrazzi
567 Salvatore Pulvirenti
573 Claudio Pedrazzi
579 Daniele Bonato
582 Fabio Dosi
591 Cesare D. La Padula
593 Giovanni Poli
594 Giuseppe Rotolo
608 Claudio Pedrazzi
609 Mariano 
612 Guido Benedetto
613 Guido Benedetto
615 Bruno Rolla
617 Luciano ed Ettore Bellini
618 Luciano ed Ettore Bellini
619 Lucio Bertoluzzi
625 Giorgio Ricci
620 Claudio Pedrazzi
626 Claudio Pedrazzi
627 Claudio Pedrazzi
628  Mavros
629 Gianni Brunetti
630 Pasquale De Michele
631 Pasquale De Michele
632 Mirko Zapparoli
633 Giorgio Cuneo
634 Luca Bittau
635 Luca Bittau
636 Luca Bittau
638 Bruno Tommasini
639 Claudio Pedrazzi
640 Claudio Pedrazzi
641  S
643 Stefano Pizzirani
644 Alfredo Viola
645 Enrico Lonardi
646 Claudio Pedrazzi
647 Claudio Pedrazzi
652  Tommy
653 Giovanni Taglietti
654 Ernesto Piastra
655 Marco Savini
657  Mitiko
658 Paolo Iudica
659 Ernesto Piastra
661 Guido Grandi
662 Claudio Pedrazzi
663 Claudio Pedrazzi
664 Claudio Pedrazzi
666  Tato
667 Stefano Saponaro
669 Stefano Saponaro
672 Stefano Saponaro
673 Simone Patriarca
674 Walter Barbaranelli
676 Walter Barbaranelli
677 Walter Barbaranelli
678 Giovanni Taglietti
680 Giovanni Poli
681 Michele Del Vecchio
682 Paolo 
687 Stefano Francisetti
692 Francesco Solzi
418 Odino Di Biaggio
469 Angelo Casentini
484 Alessandro Bragion
495 Francesco La Lumia
500 Mauro Meattini
501 Mauro Meattini
503 Claudio Pedrazzi
506 Claudio Pedrazzi
512 Giusppe Filiaci
513 Gianni Brunetti
516 Marco Pavanello
520 Stefano Menti
521 Stefano Menti
522 Stefano Menti
523 Giusppe Filiaci
524 Giusppe Filiaci
525 Giusppe Filiaci
526 Emanuele Pellicci
527 Matteo Vallicelli
528  Mitiko
529 Vanni A.
530 Brunello Giomi
532 Pasquale D'Ambrosio
535 Fabio Dosi
536 Marco Pavanello
537 Marco Pavanello
538 Enrico Rosati
539 Claudio Pedrazzi
540 Claudio Pedrazzi
542 Claudio Pedrazzi
543 Renato Franco
544 Giovanni Bertolini
546 Giovanni Bertolini
548 Laura 
550 Andrea Figiani
547 Laura 
553 Francesco Solzi
554 Francesco Buoncristiani
555 Francesco Buoncristiani
556 Francesco Buoncristiani
558 Elvio Porcelli
559 Gianluca Onori
560 Nadia Maniccia
561 Wolf 
562 Wolf 
565 Wolf 
566 Giampaolo Balli
568 luigi Monti
569 Claudio Pedrazzi
572 Claudio Pedrazzi
574 Gabriele Bernardini
575 Tiziano Demaria
577 Tiziano Demaria
580 Pierluigi Tassi
581 Gioacchino Artesiano
583 Claudio Pedrazzi
588 Luigi Romenghi
592  feddybuzz
599 Francesco Solzi
600 Maurizio Carrannante
601 Roberto Guerra
602 Roberto Guerra
603 Roberto Guerra
604 Giovanni Poli
605 Mariano Ceccarelli
606 Claudio Pedrazzi
610 Daniela 
1 Wing over the fog Flavio Giacosa, Minimax, nov. 1997, Riva di Chieri (To) Italy. Digital camera Olympus C-800L The mountain in the background is the Monviso (mt 3841) Flavio Giacosa
2 In the wind Flavio Giacosa, Eagle, july 1988, Valle di Susa (Torino) Italy, Camera Pentax LX This is the ultralight flight!. Flavio Giacosa
3 Over the sea Nicola Turini, homebuilt (and home-engineered) ultralight aircraft, Cecina, Tuscany, November 1997. The pale island on the left of the horizon, is Gorgona island Nicola Turini
4 Giglio Island Giorgio Pace, Atlas 21-Cosmos, Isola del Giglio, Tuscany, 1987. Nikon 301 with Fisheye Giorgio Pace
5 Sunset Giorgio Pace, Atlas 21-Cosmos, Isola del Giglio, Tuscany, 1987. Nikon 301 with Fisheye Giorgio Pace
6 Ultralight liner Giorgio Pace, Falcon, Tevere valley, 1987. Nikon 301 Giorgio Pace
7 Tucano Bruno Tommaselli Along the Ticino river, between Pavia and Vigevano, 1997 Bruno Tommaselli
8 A sort of Jet Tomas Gajser, trike Pipistrel and wing Sirio Hazard 15, Slowenia, 1997. Tomas Gajser
9 Early in the morning Luigi Curtis. In order to release this photography He was waked up to the 5 of morning! 1997. Luigi Curtis
10 The Airfield Gianbattista Colombo. The new airfield of Capannoli - 1997 Gianbattista Colombo
11 Happyness Claudio Spiritelli and Fosco Venturelli after a good landing on Mantova Nord airfield, Maxair - 1997. Claudio Spiritelli
12 Once upon a time… Luigi Curtis - Leonardino 4 Volpiano 1979! Camera Pentax spotmatic F 50mm The big forest is a...mais forest. Luigi Curtis
13 August sunset Rinaldo Gasparotto (my wife was piloting) - august 1997 Camera Kodak dc20 digital Rinaldo Gasparotto
14 Balloon Gianbattista Colombo, Pilot: Paolo Contegiacomo, Tanaro river (Cuneo, Italy)- 1994 Nikon F2 Gianbattista Colombo
15 Tevere river The Tevere river near Passo Corese (Rome). Pilot: Antonello.Co-pilot: Gaetano Di Bendetto Sept. 1997 Gaetano Di Benedetto
16 Last flight Gianbattista Colombo. Last flight of the day over the Pontedera airfield Minolta 1997 Gianbattista Colombo
17 Asso III A tour of the beautiful Asso III around our Tucano. Vigevano jan., 31, 1998 Canon T90, Zoom 50-170 Stefano Gatti
18 1000' over the Po river Claudio Rossi. Colorno, between Mantova and Parma; dec. 14, 1997, from my Tecnam p92. - Pentax P30, 1/1.7 / 50 mm Claudio Rossi
19 Augusto Cicarè the famous engineer (standing in the middle), his staff and his secont helicopter: the CH2 Glenn Ryerson
21 Air force Gianbattista Colombo, Livorno Stadium, Ceremony for paratrooper recruits 11, 5 1996 NiKon F2 tele 200 Nikkor Gianbattista Colombo
27 Old Times When flight was dangerous and sex was safe... Luigi Curtis with his Leonardino Luigi Curtis
22 Trike and flowers Patrizio Napolitano, airfield of Tarquinia (Rome) springtime 1997 Patrizio Napolitano
23 Bucaneer Buccaneer II, during a water landing Tirreno sea, San Vincenzo Pilot: Massimo Costa Massimo Costa
24 Trike Mauro Meattini with Rossi Soavi/Aircreation trike Mugello valley - Florence, april 1993. Ricoh Camera fixed on the wing tip Mauro Meattini
25 Brasil Lorenzo Allisio near Jacarepaguà circuit (in the background). Rio de Janeiro. Microleve and an ultralight club with 3 runways! Lorenzo Allisio
26 AMX Roberto Sardo shotted this picture into his AMX coming back from Norway I'm a little evious... Roberto Sardo
101 Basilica of San Michele Fantastic view of the famous basilica in the Piedmont Paolo Palmeri, and Paolo Tubetti from the X-Air 30/11/99 Contax 167/Zeiss 135 mm Paolo Palmeri
102 Chick Massimo Verni flying with his Chickinox in the Velletri valley The Date?: once upon a time Massimo Verni
103 Touch and escape … Unusual touch and go in the Carpi's main place 1999 - photo by Marco Maurizi Marco Maurizi
104 Flying Police Unusual touch and go in the Carpi's main place 2000 - photo by Fabio Battisti Fabio Battisti
105 Grafical joke With a PC and a little software you can draw your dream flyight... Paolo Aldini
106 Skydiving Pilot in command : K A Vasan, Sky Diver : Wg.Cdr. Palat (Retd) - Clipper 2 seater Rotax 503 Bangalore HAL Airport - Altitude : 8000 Feet (MSL) - Picture Courtesy : Savan Aerosports International, Bangalore, India Savan Aerosports
107 Like ducks Antonio Baroni and his Clipper Air Creation with 4 Quicksilver over the "Playa el Agua" beach - Margarita Island (Venezuela). Carena Super Zoom 70. May 1995 Antonio Baroni
108 Air combat Air combat over the "Monti della Tolfa" airfield (Rome) Massimo Poggi and Francesco Barbui, Renegade Spirit Massimo Poggi
109 Twin Astir Evandro Detti, and his glider, towed by a Robin Lucca's sky - 2000 Evandro Detti
110 IFR IFR Fight over the Alps Photo by Gianluca Landi. Autumn 1998 Gianluca Landi
111 Tucano ADV The ultralight "Tucano" during a mediterranean operation Photo CNN (?)  
112 Maggiore Lake A "Groppino" flies over the calm waters of the Maggiore Lake (Notrh of Italy) Photo di Roby & Mari Roby & Mari 
113 The Hely and the Lady The little helicopter CH7 in the hand of a Lady Photo Claudio Chicco - Sony Mavica Claudio Chicco
114 Mountain flight A mountain flight with a trike, taking off from the AVLU airfield of Val Chiavenna Photo Carlo Pensa Carlo Pensa
115 Roberta Roberta, 11 years old, shotted this picture from a Tucano (without doors) flying at 900 feet around Bari Nikon F 70 Roberta 
116 The magic flight of a Balloon in the landscape of Monferrato Asti, 01/01/96 Pentax SuperA, zoom Pentax 35/80. Fabio Cassinelli
117 Monviso Fabio Cassinelli in prossimitèà della cima del Monviso (3841 mt) con il Polaris CrossCountry 503 ala Gryps 2000. settembre 96 Olympus Mjiu Fabio Cassinelli
118 Salento A "Salento" sunshine from an Aerotecnick P220 In the picture: Pietro Santoro, new Ultralight Pilot Pietro Santoro
119 Bali Skydiving Skydiving in Bali from a C-130, during International Skydiving Championships in 1987 Sandra Sunseri
120 Etna The smoking carters of the Etna volcano from the P92 ultralight. Photo by Nicola Chimisso and Giovanni Marano (Club Avionica) Nicola Chimisso
121 Malacca Sky This picture was shotted by Giovanni Chiappa during a flight to Singapore. At the left side, a friend with a Pitt Olympus Mju: zoom 105 Kodak 200 asa Giovanni Chiappa
122 Dedicated to Blooom A strange image of the Ticino River during a Sunshine Flight Michele Franchini Minolta Dynax 3xj Michele Franchini
123 Marmolada A clear image of the Sella and Marmolada mountains. Antonio Lovato and Alfredo Olivero with a P92 100hp Antonio Lovato
124 Vancouver Island Flying with a Polaris FIB over the Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Sandro Maniscalco, 2000 Sandro Maniscalco
125 P5151 The construction is finished, now I can fly! Odino di Baggio over San Stino countries, Otcober 1999 Odino Di Baggio
28 Waiting for… Waiting for tow between 80 gliders and 8 aerotowing in Rieti This picture shows the Pier Marcucci's glider Pier Marcucci
29 Avid At 9500' over the Ceresole Reale valley (Turin) The Monviso peak in the background Lugi Accusani 1997 - Nikon F2 Luigi Accusani
30 Feeling good Gianbattista Colombo, flying over the clouds, Tuscany, may 1998 Shot by Giulio Ottaviani - Nikon F3 Gianbattista Colombo
31 Coming home Luigi Accusani, at Prealpi Club (Turin) in an autumn evening. Nikon F2/35mm/Flash Luigi Accusani
32 No Vacancy The Webmaster's Rans S 4 hosted into the incredible hangar of Nando Groppo july 1998, Olympus digital camera Flavio Giacosa
33 Baby Lake "Tano" Martini is buzzing the tower at Mantova North with a biwing "Baby Lake" Mantova 1998 Tano Martini
34 Winter The CH-7 in Val Ferret, near Courmayeur at 8000'. In the backgound the "Monte Bianco" and the "Aguilles Noires" Luigi Accusani
35 Winter flight A flight over the Ossola Valley mountains with a Quicksilver GT 500 Gianni Daverio 1997. Gianni Daverio
1032 Antonio Carpenetti
1033 Antonio Carpenetti
1034 Antonio Carpenetti
1035 Antonio Carpenetti
1036 Antonio Carpenetti
1037 Angelo Casentini
1038 Angelo Casentini
1039 Angelo Casentini
1040 Angelo Casentini
1041 Angelo Casentini
1042 Angelo Casentini
1043 Angelo Casentini
1044 Angelo Casentini
1045 Angelo Casentini
1046 Angelo Casentini
1048 Angelo Casentini
1049 Angelo Casentini
1088 Antono Carpenetti
1103 Angelo Casentini
1108 Antonio Carpenetti
1114 Antonio Carpenetti
1118 Antonio Carpenetti
1120 Antonio Carpenetti
1121 Antonio Caepenetti
1122 Antonio Carpenetti
1123 Antonio Carpenetti
1124 Antonio Carpenetti
1125 Antonio Carpenetti
1126 Antonio Carpenetti
1127 Antonio Carpenetti
1128 Raffaele Pilla
1129 Raffaele Pilla
1130 Raffaele Pilla
1131 Raffaele Pilla
1132 Antonio Carpenetti
1133 Antonio Carpenetti
1134 Antonio Carpenetti
1135 Antonio Carpenetti
1136 Antonio Carpenetti
1137 Antonio Carpenetti
1138 Antonio Carpenetti
1139 Antonio Carpenetti
1140 Antonio Carpenetti
1141 Antonio Carpenetti
1142 Antonio Carpenetti
1143 Antonio Carpenetti
1144 Antonio Carpenetti
1145 Raffaele Pilla
1147 Raffaele Pilla
1150 Raffaele Pilla
1151 Raffaele Pilla
1152 Antonio Carpeneti
1154 Antonio Carpenetti
1156 Antonio Carpenetti
1158 Antonio Carpenetti
1159 Raffaele Pilla
1162 Raffaele Pilla
1163 Raffaele Pilla
1164 Raffaele Pilla
1165 Rafaele Pilla
1065 Angelo Casentini
1082 Angelo Casentini
1083 Angelo Casentini
1146 Raffaele Pilla
1153 Antonio Carpenetti
1155 Antonio Carpenetti
1157 Antonio Carpenetti
1160 Raffaele Pilla
1161 Raffaele Pilla
1167 Antonio Carpenetti
1168 Antonio Carpenetti
1169 Antonio Carpenetti
1170 Marco Maurizio Carrannante
1148 Raffaele Pilla
1149 Raffaele Pilla
1166 Raffaele Pilla